If you are looking for a different experience in Rome, if you want a tour different from the classical itineraries, if you want to understand the Eternal City and not just see it, if this is the 3rd or 4th time you are coming and want to be surprised again, what you need is a Native Licensed Tourist Guide able to customize the visit on your personal needs and to unveil to you the secrets of the city.

Rome is not only the Colosseum, the Sistine Chapel and the Trevi fountain. You can explore Roman ruins 50 feet below street level; you can walk through the memories of the palaeo-christian time, or in the picturesque district of Trastevere the quarter known as the working-class neighbourhood since the time before Julius Caesar; you can discover the present-day life of a Jewish ghetto with 3 centuries of history; you will understand how “the Princes of the Church” lived 500 years ago. You will discover no less than 3 capitals in only one city.

Rome is a city where the layers of history are really one on top of the other, just in front of your eyes. Rome has many “other” wonderful treasures and fascinating episodes to reveal. An I want to disclose them to you!


Mauro Girella:
for a different experience in Rome

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The fascination
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“Rome was not built in a day” , “Rome: a life is not enough”, “Romans don’t know Rome”: how many times have you heard these expressions?! They are among the bells that may alert you on the complexity of this city and give you a good reason for a visit, and a deep visit.

This city has also many names. “Rome” as the city established by the mythical Romulus; “The Capital of the Roman Empire” after its prestigious status; “The city of the Seven Hills” as the magic number of its orography suggests; “The Capital of the Christianity” a title that in a way the city has stolen from Jerusalem; “The Capital of Italy” to underline what the city really represents in today’s life; “Caput Mundi” ( or Earth’s Capital ) to point out its universal importance; “The Eternal City” to emphasize an amazing immortality in spite of all the crisis and changes “she” had to meet.

In Rome, more than in any other city in the world, you need a professional, native, caring, licensed tourist guide drive your lofty quest through the layers of Human Civilization!