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Art Lovers


The following sites are selected for those tourists who are either art lovers or connoisseurs and want to understand better the architecture, painting and sculpture both of the ancient time (Roman and Greek) and of the modern era (renaissance and baroque). Rome is probably the richest place on the earth by this point of view.

Transportation can normally be a simple taxi ride from your hotel to the area where we then walk, then a taxi back to your hotel. For those tours where the use of a private car with driver is highly recommended, you will read a note at the end of the description.


The Borghese Gallery


The “perfect museum” for dimension, location, organization and display of artworks, this elegant suburban villa was built for the Borghese family at the beginning of the 1600 inside a large green park. Recently it has been the object of an accurate and intelligent restoration.

The gallery still shows the incredibly rich private collection of this immensely rich, powerful, ambitious, but also well-bred family, the first patrons of Gian Lorenzo Bernini. The statuary section includes therefore his juvenile works aside interesting ancient pieces and the world famous, neoclassic Paolina by Canova.

The picture gallery is focused on the 1500 and 1600 and displays paintings by artist of the level of Raphael and Jacopo Bassano, Lanfranco and Domenichino, Caravaggio, Rubens and Titian, together with other masters.


The Capitol and its Museum


This hill is so world-wide famous that even its name was copied. It offers us an archaeological area underground and a magnificent view of the Roman Forum. The elegant square on its top was built after a Michelangelo’s project, and it’s one of the highest town-planning expression of his universal genius.

The XIII century Franciscan church is rich of art and history, religion and mythology. But it is mainly through the complex structure of the Capitolini Museums that we can run through the many phases of the millennial history of Rome, from the Etruscan kings to the contacts with the Greek art, from the period of the Empire, through the middle-ages up to the rise and fall of the Papal state.

Statues, Frescoes, Documents, Relieves, Stuccoes and Tapestries follow one each other in this museum which is probably the most representative of the history of Rome.


Angels & Demons


Based on best selling novel by Dan Brown, this itinerary follows the Illuminati’s path. We will “let the Angel guide our lofty quest” through the four places where the preferiti cardinals were found dead, executed by the mysterious Assassini, just the day before the Conclave for the election of the new Pope had to start. We will see from the outside the famous Passetto and the Castel of the Angel.

This intriguing and page-turning story is also a nice excuse to see some of the most interesting monuments, chaples and squares of Rome. The Pantheon, People’s square, Raphael’s Chigi chaple, Bernini’s masterpieces “Ecstasy of Saint Theresa” and the “Fountain of the Four Rivers” as well as the Colonnaded portico of St. Peter’s square, the Tiber river, and . . . everything in between!

The use of a private car with driver is necessary for this 3-hour tour.